VCE est confronté chaque année à une forte saisonnalité impactant les délais de livraison et la qualité de service. Afin de raccourcir le délai client, VCE a lancé le projet ADVANCE pour mettre en place une stratégie de distribution multicanaux. Témoignage d’Albert Thomé, Global S&OP improvement Director :


Business Game

“Chorege has supported the Volvo CE supply chain segmentation during the time period of October 2015 to April 2017.  The team developed a standardization methodology which simplified the entire process and dramatically shortened the total standardization lead-time based on actual sales data. This methodology had a significant impact on speed-of-execution, creation of transparency and trust. The entire process has been significantly simplified. Chorege has successfully supported the transformation due to a hands-on result and target oriented approach. Financial impact modeling and detailed business case calculations are their basic tools. One of the key success factors for the transformation was the development of a game, explaining the new concepts in an entertaining way. This game was used during a global road show and very well appreciated from all participants.

Great success!

Capacity & Finance simulation tool

Capacity & Finance simulation tool